Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I have a back dated collection of pictues, paintings and doodles that stand alone without any explanation or reason. So I intend to use this here blog to pick out a few random pieces that I did for exhibitions or lazy Sunday mornings and give them little explanations.
I dont like to babble about paintings or work I do, trying to make it something more than it is by using insignificant words to jazz them up. I'd rather give it a title I think suits and let the painting or picture do the rest by playing subconsious mindgames with the viewer wha ha ha !!!
At the moment Im living in Paris working and making plans for a new exhibition. The Kilkenny Arts Week Festival is in full swing at home in Ireland right now and oh how I do miss home. It is such a great week for art, music and chin chinning Smithwicks with good friends.
I exhibited this painting titled 'Ophelia' last year in Kilkenny when I was invited to have a show with the great Andrew Small. It was after that night that I realised that at shows I seem to avoid questions about my work and spend my time looking for something completely different to talk about. This has its pros and cons of course so at least now I can remedy this via the internet blogging network!!! WARNING THIS COULD BE DEEP!!
For example; this painting 'Ophelia' is not a direct reference or illustartion of the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare.I dont know too much Shakespeare but I do know Ophelia was sad n heartbroken. Its simply a portrait of a sad girl. Instead of potraying her emotions and expressions in her face I chose her legs. The plaster symbolises hurt, her Christ like crossed feet symbolise sacrafice and her red dress is just a hint of anger. The ripples below her feet with the broken flower petals represent her potential freedom from all her sadness.
Now a fine explanation without the babble!!! PHEW!! If anyone has any comments any on any of my illustrations or paintings dont hold back, I would love to hear and it all helps.

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