Tuesday, August 26, 2008

'The Saturday Morning Nostalgia Collection'

I can remember getting lost in my head alot as a child. I would spend hours on the floor conjuring up dramatic situations for little plastic figures which to me at the time were pretty damn real. 'Leonardo has been taken prisoner by Bee- Bop and Rocksteady in the bionic jam jar' or 'April O Neil has gone nuts and taken Splinters purple robe and left him naked so he is unable to protect the sewer lair'. All of these crazy scenarios were life saving missions and usually right before dinner bed time. I wish I could get that unquestioned imagination back today. Instead I have started a series of new works dedicated to those after school and sick day imagination journies. Im looking back at the toys and not the cartoons and setting the situations the way I would have seen them in my head on the floor of my bedroom. The first in the series is 'The Last Crusade before dinner'. More to come soon.

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