Monday, September 08, 2008


Everynow and then I will post up a painting or piece of work I exhibited or sold and never got to explain it really to the viewer or buyer. Not that it is ever too important to babble on about your work it should stand alone and create its own meaning for the viewer. This is Button Moon. The title taken from a favourite childrens tele show when i was a wee lad. Its simply a painting of my brother as a little fella dropping his toys and looking at the big bad grown up future. His future is as bright as the full moon and his childhood figures are by his side. Sure its all full of love, hope n happiness. Ya couldnt have it any other way I tell ya. I kinda painted this also because of two promises that were made to me as a child. My brother promised he would bring me to a Michael Jackson concert and also to the MOON!Im not kidding, what was he thinking. As he keeps his word he did bring me to the Michael Jackson concert and it was awesom. I was so small I had a cardboard periscope. Genius! But the moon promise.....hmmmmm i dunno it's a pretty tall order so this painting is just speeding it up a bit.

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Email said...

dont worry lad well sort out the moon one in time!!!