Thursday, September 18, 2008


'TONY NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!'

Since my childhood Ive been having breakfast with the same happy looking company. Big bright colourful characters staring out from their nutritional cardboard houses, watching me take every sloppy gobble of their breakfast candy. They are always the same group of guys. The charming tiger who insists everything is "Greaaat!" even though I'm in uniform and about to go to school in the rain. The Monster made of honey who's stupid expression was such a bad influence on stupid kids and made their pee smell of his cereal to make them want more. How could I forget the rice krispies trio who had strong individual personalities but it always seemed like poor Pop had a few learning difficulties and the other two never let him forget it. Another question I had was why the corn flakes cock or whatever he is was always so boring, he was the dark horse of the group I think. Where did all the cool free toys go? I remember bike reflectors, and multicoloured immovable figures related to classic movies like Willow or Star wars, awww and the pop up watches you got in rice krispies which you would have to send away for. Getting a pop up watch in the post was like no other feeling I tell ya. Nowadays we get pedometers and environmental information cards. The breakfast world has gone to hell.
Ive started a series of works depicting the lives of my once close breakfast buddies. I'm illustrating where they are now and what they are doing. The first in the series is 'Tony Noooooo!!!' where we see a drunk & angry Tony the Tiger realise that life ain't so Greaaaat and taking it out on the naive Honey Monster. Its taking place outside the cafe in Edward Hoppers 1942 painting 'Nighthawks'. Why? I added this painting in because it adds to the loneliness and disappearance of these childhood icons that even the adults inside the cafe with the big windows cant see out of and see whats going on. Either that or they just don't care. Kinda like all the kids been attacked and killed in the streets by other kids these days and its so frequent we just don't care. I also added in the Nighthawks painting because I made the picture late at night and was too tired to draw a dark alley background so its ironic, or is it???? More in this series to come.

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