Thursday, September 18, 2008


It was a cold winters night and I was outside Cleeres pub in Kilkenny and decided to pop in and see what was shaking in the wee theatre out the back. Dry Country were shaking. Shaking some damn good music out of the air and making it fall on the dancers in the front row sending tremors to the pint sippers at the back. It was a rocking gig and Dry County have that edge that what you want to see when your coming in out of the irish cold. Visuals, kinetic energy, spider T-shirts and standing up with drum sticks. Genius! Kev of Dry County was on to me of late looking for a limited edition 'Chewie and Mouser Droid' watercolour for his collection of childhood memories. Happy to sort him out with a fix of arty childish nostalgia I wondered If there was something more to this Kinder Surprise loving, drum stick holding, singing & dancing, moustache wearing child man. So I investigated and found out some shocking hidden facts. Its belived that Kev also known as Kevin is building a fully functional and operational Stay Puff Marshmallow Man under Dublin City. He plans on releasing this maniac up through O'Connel Street from beneath the Spire. This is where his creation will become UNICORN STAYPUFF MARSHMALLOW MAN which he will use to tease Big Issue sellers and tip over buses and step on lads in baseball hats n white Reebok runners. If you want to continue this investigation more just click here and never leave. HERE

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