Monday, October 27, 2008


So I sit patiently at home in my wee studio and I wait. I wait for the travelling man to come back home. I'm like a fisherman's wife sitting by the harbour walk watching the horizon line. Where is Darragh Casey? When I lived in Paris with the beautiful Jane Murphy we sat in our little blue apartment and dished out wisdom's to one another like penny jellies out of a big bag of life. We found in Paris where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do. I decided that I was gonna take myself away from Art teaching of which I'm trained in and have my degree for. I want to follow my dreams and passions of becoming the artist I want to be and make my life from this. I found my M.I.A best friend was eating from the same bag of penny jellies. Over the next year there will be huge changes in my life and there will be a large amount of art work produced and made and given away for birthday gifts and Christmas as I'm a poor struggling lover. But myself and Darragh Casey will meet at the end of our bag of life Jellies hopefully holding the same one. I am excited to tiny bits about working with Darragh again. There was nothing like it when we put our heads together on a project or brief in College or giant Lego murals!!!! The Frisbee lectures were a crucial part of our training. He is an amazing ceramic artist and sits beside modesty holding its hand with a cheeky grin. He is an amazing ceramic artist because he does what all artists should do, he makes you question everything about the art source he uses.
Daragh asks why does ceramic art always have to begin with the same pallet. Why not work backwards using what is already made but challenge its function. Imagine if tomorrow we all began to walk backwards. Think of how all our natural functions from writing to getting dressed would change but in reality not that much. Its all about appearance. I will put up more of Darraghs work when I find him. He has been missing for the past year but I'm pretty sure he will appear sometime in November like the Ghost of Christmas. Think of a cup. Think how you use it. Where and how you put it in a press or on a hanger by the handle. Think of its size and function. Think why didnt you really think of it before. This is the art of Darragh Casey and he questions everything, I mean everything. Going to a cafe with him is tricky. He has nothing but humour and good spirit in his work and plays with our imaginations to the degree where we just laugh at our own seriousness. The selection of pieces above were part of darraghs degree show when it was in preparation. Prepare to hear and see a lot more from this artist in the next few months.

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