Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I recently finished a poster for the musical genius that is 'The Lions Mane'. Their gig is in Cleeres theatre this friday, October 24th. Promised by the bands frontman Alan 'Hadukan' Dawson the gig will be " the best gig you will ever be at ever". So do go and dance or look moody at the back holding a pint and support your local prog rock outfit. The poster is not an exact portrait of Alan 'Hadukan' Dawson. Its more of sneaky look into the real life of Alan and how his music effects him when no one else is around. As Alan 'Hadukan' Dawson said himself to my good self " Mick shut up and make me look tough. You have 24hours to finish the poster and if its not delivered by 8 o clock tomorrow night your puppy is swimming with dutch muck cans & shopping trollies in the Nore."


Ross said...

The poster is awesome dude!

But the album launch isn't until December!? =P

Mick Minogue said...

thanks man i made those damn fine changes!!! Albums launching WHAT????