Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A sneaky look at details of new nostalgia!!!

Here are a few details of a new piece I have been working on for my saturday morning nostalgia project. This piece is oozing 80s and 90s cartoon nostalgia and the whack of saturday morning fun off it is too much too handle. It was so much to handle I had to give a few sneaky peeks of it before I put up the whole thing. To hell with resessions and economic problems & all that boring questions and answers stuff, all I wanna know is where did all the good cartoons and saturday morning kids go??? Makes me sick to see them out playing sport and cycling bikes with no turtle shells on their backs. Parents put your kids in front of their TVs on saturday mornings and bring back the 80s!!! Cartoons with awesome intros and songs and amazing characters and storylines. No its all about kids on acid blowing up rabbits and using stupid expressions to look angry or bionic. Well Im rebelling and this is my illustrative revolution. Viva la He-Man!!!!


Ross said...

These look awesome dude! I can't wait to see more.

Any plans for an exhibition?

gemma said...

you sold me on Alf...Life was never better than that. Next time I comment it will be more intellectual and heartfelt. fact.ut