Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Meet David Delta Minogue. 1st Cousin and martial Arts Photographer.

Where do I begin? How can I tell you the life long story of my life in sepia with my dearest friend and cousin David Minogue. He shares the same name as my brother because his parents were small time name thieves back in the 80s. They work big time now, euros from shopping trolleys, not scanning the odd item at the self check out in Tesco. Good people, strong people but savages for ripping family names off. If you notice the photograph above you will see the shocking and almost hypnotizing resemblance in our forearms and finger pose. Through telekinisis we decided not to wear hoodies or jackets that night and went for the comfortable round neck sweater. Thats how close we are. Dave once died for me but I will explain that later. As you can see from the photograph we had some hard times growing up living in sepia colour all the time. It was like that film 30 days of Night only with sepia and no vampires although with a moustache and a dribbly fringe dave is quiet the Josh Hartett. There was this one time in a bar in Dublin when a girl came up to dave and said something like 'hey dave remember me?' Dave said ' No' and pushed her to the floor pouring his drink on her and throwing her hangbag in the window of a passing bus after letting two homeless guys have a feeding frenzy with the loot inside its ugly brown leather case. He did that to save my life but ill explain that later. He is so modest he said it was all for the perfect photo he needed to take. Dave take photos thats what he does. I know everyone is a photographer and everyone has taken the best photo ever but dave really did and thats why he saved my life because on that night he let me take his best photo of his career. If you ever want your life saved by dave or want to see an amazing photograph like this, then just hang outside charity shops or public toilets, you'll find him saving more souls. Or the best place to look is here on daves hilarious blog. God Bless you Cousin. God help you Dave Minogue.


davetheminogue said...

You shame me with your kind words. I feel so ashamed by what you said but in a good way. Ashamed and tearful

The access word sums up my boner for you sancyspi

i fucked it up, now its resimer

jd said...

Dave isn't trying to be funny. He's actually a racist cannibal that has sex with Pete Burns! Does no one else see this?! Are you ALL mad?!

Anonymous said...
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