Monday, February 16, 2009

New Illustration! LONELY PLANET

Captain Planet, He's a hero, gonna take pollution down to zero. LIES!!!! He made us believe for years he was gonna sort the place out and we believed him and his well cultured teenage friends with their fancy jewelery. 'Heart!'...more like who got the shit power!!! He did have a monkey though!! So I says to her I says 'Where is Captain Planet nowadays'???? I bet I have a pretty good idea where he is at. Unemployed, lonely, broke and still supporting the mullet. I felt so strong about my opinion I illustrated it on paper with water colour love & a touch of colouring pencil sensitivity. All part of the Saturday Morning Nostalgia Project. More to come soon!!!!

1 comment:

NESTEV said...

poor captain planet, hes really let himself go.