Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ive been working away on alot of new personal pieces and i got my hands on a really nice wine box. It was filled with crayons,scrabble letters,buttons, photos and other important safe keeping's for the past few weeks. I found an almost mummified jelly inside among the trinkets and got to thinking about the importance of sweets back in the day. These days money is always directed towards life and surviving like wine and cheese and tea bags but when you were little when you got money it was sweets! Like flipping gold they were. You would buy like big things depending on the cash but always finish off the change in penny jellies and if anyone from Kilkenny can remember Whites shop on High Street or Kenny's shop near Bishops Hill man those were the days!! Please feel free to sit back now and recall all the types of jellies you can remember or old sweets that are now dead and gone! Remember golf balls and he-man bars! Awww Yeah! So I decided this old wine box deserved a new life and a life of Nostalgia. I wanted to do a 3D Illustration for a while but it takes a lot of cut n paste so I was always put off but now its done. 'AND THE REST IN PENNY JELLIES',made in Shovel Design Studios and the wall paper in the box is from the walls up stairs and the little picture of the bike is a picture my brother gave my late uncle Tommy so now its been used all over again.


John Morton said...

Sweet. Literally.

Michael "Schillaci" Ryan said...

aw man, apple sours, dunno if ya remember them, but they were the greatest sweets of all time, they cost just 3 of the finest pennies, but they gave u the best trip ever! they were drugs for kids man! an over dose of them and they would send u into hyper active mode! garanteed to make ur eyes water every time too!!!

Edwina said...

I think Michael means those 2pence 'high sours' that came in two flavours, and apple were the worst! Postman pats, apple jacks, black jacks, woppas...100 in a brown paper bag and you ate them till your jaw hurt!