Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not Enough Hours by Owen Fitzpatrick - Illustrations by ME!

The book is Not Enough Hours and it is by Owen Fitzpatrick. I was commissioned by Owen and his lovely publishers at Poolbeg to do chapter illustrations for the book. It has just come out in the past week or so and is in the shops so I encourage you to pick up a copy cause you will get loads of my drawings as well as Owens lovely writing and Poolbegs lovely publishing skills. That's like the best deal ever. It was a pleasure to work with Owen creating the illustrations for the book as he is a gentleman and really passionate about his work. As it states on Owens website
"Owen Fitzpatrick is a Author, Psychologist, Television Presenter, Motivational Speaker, Therapist, Communication Consultant, Performance Coach, Personal Development Teacher and Licensed NLP Master Trainer.

Imagine he is all that, and believe me he is, you could even tell by talking to him on the phone. Even his emails were motivating, I felt guilty for reading them sitting down in my paint covered pyjamas. But do check out his site and his show on RTE which is also called Not Enough Hours.

I have posted a few of the illustrations included in the book above as well as the book itself. I found it ironic that I was working on a book about time management and my time keeping is flippin bad, as were getting my deadlines on time but this world needs people like that otherwise there wouldn't be a book written for us.


Reuben said...

Where's my friggin Mick Minogue colouring-in book? That's what I wanna know!

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