Tuesday, March 24, 2009


There has been alot going on behind the doors of Shovel Design Studios in Dublin over the past week and a bit. Loads of making, painting and stitching making it a great place to live and work in. There has been some experimenting going on. I made a stencil the other day which I haven't done in years and it had a great result for what I wanted to achieve but any stencil now seems shit because Banksy stole the art form and will never give it back the bastard. But lately I've been working with keys and the idea of keys and I'm loving it and producing a large piece which should be right in a few days. Darragh Casey has been working on some submissions for the RHA and new work for the Sculpture in Context Submission. Its all busy and damn good fun. We have a Shovel Design facebook thingy up at the moment so do join it if your on that. We will have our new website up and going soon we have got the skills of the amazing designer and artist Logan Mc Lain who is behind us on that!! Do check out Logans site and his work, quiet a genius and pure gentleman. I encourage you to buy his T-shirts now before he sells out they are too good.

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