Wednesday, April 08, 2009


The Last of The Great Lovers is a load of things really. Its a painting, a letter, a song, a black board, a message, a clue, a confession, a text, a thought, a morning well spent, a front door, a kiss goodbye and a kiss hello, a sketch, a scribble, a mess, a laugh, a gift.

Its an old painting painted over and its made in chalk to rub up against and smudge but that might make you dirty. Rubbing up against paintings thats just nasty!


Throwing wishes out from the wishing well

Buying time for lost pennies

Ecoes of night where the morning fell

into the your hands my head.

X's and O's

cross these fingers and toes

tounges touch, fingers seek

shivered skin tickles hair

as lovers feeling speak

Blister this sun

Popped in the bruised sky

pierce the squinted eye lids

bleed blue into my eye

these square key letters

sent to your password door

saved to make you better

when the missing is more

reunite friends in a lovers bed

all but nerves will rest

holding the lovers words just said

each letter a twig for a nest


p.s. "I gaze into the bulb on the edge of the moment now thrust to taught

how friends find natural comfort without discomfort or distain?

Its in the eyes, its in the beat, its in the warmth and cold feet."

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