Thursday, April 09, 2009

An Post C Both Sides Exhibition

This is messed up! I was in my lovely friends house the other night when I was shown a photograph of the An Post C Both Sides Exhibition from the Civic Offices on the keys in Dublin. In the photo there were loads of handmade postcards on display and in the middle of them was MINE!Its under April and called 'Little Shy & Little Nerves', you might have to scroll through to see it.It is my degree show post card and I cant recall how the hell it got there. On the back was my hand writing explaining why the postcard means so much as it was a turning point in my life at the time. Weird! I thought someone had sent it in for me as there is a picture of a bench that I dont remember scribbling and I wouldnt draw a bench like that ...i think? I dunno! But I guess so much happened since I sent it off I completely forgot about it! So imagine my AWESOME surprize to see it is now part of a touring exhibition around Ireland. Its in the Civic Offices in Dublin now and will be heading to different counties around the country. Worth checking out its almost like Post Secret or something like that but Im happy out to be thrown into the middle of it. But do check out the exhibitions home page here and see where it will be on near you.

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