Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SYNTH EASTWOOD - In The Garden - Ladder Installation

  1. Take an old step ladder from a shed

  2. Board up all the sides around the ladder

  3. Paint the top part like a swing

  4. Paint a very realistic geographical study of the earth below the swing

  5. Add a textile couple to the swing

  6. Hang card cut outs of zombies, demons and coffins inside.

  7. Drill some peep holes and slots for viewing pleasure.

  8. Turn on a big red light to give a hellish effect.

  9. Stay up late adding childish details.

  10. Throw all your old toys in the bottom around the light illuminating your nerdiness.

  11. Leave in the sitting room over night.

  12. Put in Synth Eastwood show.

  13. Dance.

  14. Chin Chin.

more pics coming soon to a shity dial up computer near you!!!!

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