Saturday, August 08, 2009

1983 LOVES YOU ALL!!!!!

Thanks to the lovely Aisling Hurley from for her great write up on the Remember Me in 1983 show.Here it is. HERE!!! The thursday night opening was amazing and Im still getting over the response. Thanks to everyone who made it up on the night and my brother in law ado for sorting out the wine all evening he is quiet a legend. Gotta thank my bro dave for coming down from Dublin after work and back up to work at 6 in the morning the next day! Thats love and what a super bro to have. Ill write up more on the night and the tomorrows cereal and cartoons opening soon. Im really happy how the show is going and its only beginning. More new work to come and Ill be working in the studio at the exhibition for the next month so come along and visit anytime. Thanks again to all who came up and spread the word and to johnny mortano for his sweet as write up another legend indeed!!!


Logan said...

where was my invite?!?!?!

Mick Minogue said...

ahhhhhhh you SERIOUS!!!! how many times have i invited you to EVERYTHING n your MR NO SHOW!!!!!