Monday, August 24, 2009


This is a little video made by the Fairy washing up liquid hands of Mr Paul Mahon who over the past few weeks has become somewhat kinda a friend but not really. The police are still looking into things to see if its ok for me to hang out with him and I have to get my parents to sign off a form if I stay at his place. But he makes pretty great videos. He included the Today Fm interview I did on Phils Saturday Show which I have very little recollection of as I was out of my mind on sleepiness.But It was so good and I was one happy lad...still am one happy lad!! Big thanks to Paul for taking his time out to film and put the video together which is so nice and represents the feeling of the morning so well. He is a a damn good guy and I have a feeling there will be some more amazing stuff coming from him this winter as he told me all his ideas drunk one night which I wrote down nad intend on ripping off POST HASTE!!!! Enjoy the video and Ill be putting up all the pieces from the show with some info on them in the next few days.

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