Sunday, August 09, 2009


Ill tell you what! Playing support to Amiina in a big cathedral tonight thats what!!! I have been waiting for this Sunday for a long time and now its finally here. No hangover or nutin! Gonna bust a bit of toast out of it n wash it down with some steamin hot tea bag drink and then break dance with paul for a few hours and then figure out how to use a computer and talk about our gig. Oh did I mention we're playing support to Amiina. I cant forget Katie Kim she is someone I only listened to a while back and she has such a sweet as voice. She is great and were hopefully all gonna have a massive group hug and throw our hats in the air like graduation. Im very excited. As paul once said "man I'm excited". That really sums it up for me.

So if you read this in time and want to have the most amazing experience in a big church then come to St Canices Cathedral tonight at 8 in Kilkenny. Well go to the booking office first and get tickets. Everyone is saying how expensive it is, its like 30 or 25 bucks but when ya think about it thats 10 bucks for each band which you would nearly pay for a gig in Cleeres and its 10 bucks to see Amiina. Also your getting RSAG on drums colaborating with us and me blasting a big illustration drawn live on stage projected on the wall. Thats a sweet deal!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO i love toast!!!

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