Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Meeting on the Firehouse Steps.

This was one of my favourite pieces in the Remember me in 1983 show. I had planned on doing it for ages and was always interupted by some other quicker easier thing to do. I knew once I started it I wouldnt stop working on it or eat or sleep. Its my childish representation of one of my favourite paintings;The Meeting on the Turret Stairs by Fredrick William Burton. Its in the National Gallery in Dublin and its something that stuck out when my brother took me there years ago when I was still clutching action figures in me fist everywhere I went. I love the intense rush of feeling in the original painting. When you see this in real life in the stillness in the gallery it really hits you, well it did me and still does. I know to some its just another table mat painting as seen in all houses or text books in school but I dig it for whatever reason. I love how you have no idea the story of the two and if it is their first or last embrace as he is suited up and ready for battle. The story of the two lover is well tragic n makes Romeo n Juliet seem like a shity dentist waiting room magazine. Its all here. Anyway in my Meeting on the Firehouse Steps I have Egon and Janine from the Ghostbusters sharing a quick moment on the stairs of the Firehouse in New York. I think as a kid I didnt really get the flirtiness between the two in the cartoon and movies but It all made sense when I grew up, kinda. You never saw them get together as much as you knew they liked each other kinda like your parents. So this is what I think happened the first time they touched or made it known to one another. It had to be when the Ghostbusters were gonna take on the Boogie Man or the Stay Push Marshmallow man cause those two were bad ass mothers I tell thee.

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