Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Raccoons stumble on a dead Care Bear!

This here is a new little piece I did for the Remember Me in 1983 Collection. I finished it sometime a few weeks back but It only made its way onto the wall last week. Gotta love the Raccoons. Wasnt to crazy for the Care Bears that much hence the lump of bear remains there been poked by Bert Roccoon with a stick.I hated the Care Bear intro song. That 54321 thing really pissed me off. So I imagine that since no one was really watching the Care Bears that they slowly ran outta food n fell off their clouds n just died. The Raccoons didnt though they were like forest smart n shit they owned it. Its for sale if anyone wants to buy it and the money goes to the Care for a Bear charity AKA in my pocket to buy me food charity!!! So send an email or call in to the studio.

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