Thursday, September 03, 2009


Aw he is well cool but motherflippin rude!!! This is the first piece from the Remember Me in 1983 show that Im putting up on the old blog! Ill be putting up each piece from the show over time and slappin a bit of word under it for the craic! So this is my raph from the Turtles or TMNT if your a spa!!! I made this piece one day in the garden in the lovely sun. Compared to my other work it pretty solid and graphic. Its a mixed media piece with some spray paint, acrylic paint and a touch of big black markers too. Raphael was my first favourite Turtle until the Turtle Movie when I realised he was an asshole so Donatello shot to the top spot cause he had a stick n I lived in the country and sticks were always ready available.
I was hoping to get a series of these on the go bt I got bored and forgot on purpose. But If folk think it would be a good Idea i might just.

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