Monday, September 14, 2009

REMEMBER ME IN 1983 as shot and cut by ROSS COSTIGAN

Im happy to post up this video that was shot and cut by the legend indeed Ross Costigan. Click on this link to watch it full screen on Youtube as its cut off above. Really love how the track and shots work so well together and its really well shot. Its inspiring to see someone like this interested to work on something like this after you have had an exhibition and I always really appreciate it cause its the folk like Ross who take the time to put something like this together that keeps ya wanting to make more and really encourages you to do another show. Without someone using there skills like this the show just gets lost in the memories so now I have it on line Im gonna shove it in everyones face! Thanks Ross of the Coss!!! For more info on the clip and what ross used to create this little wonder click here and drool over his great work.

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Steve Ryan said...

I'm all warm inside after watching that. I might have to youtube all my favorite cartoons now. Amazing work.