Friday, November 06, 2009

Coors Light Peak GIG on the DOCKS!!!!!

Paul & Me are gonna be hanging out on the Dublin Docks on Saturday night if anyone wants to whistle at us. Yep we're up to our old tricks again cleaning up the streets of crime and in our spare time being Geppetto COlab. We are takng part in the Coors Light Peak gig on the Dublin Docklands. We will be there blasting out some new once off live visuals drawing by this typing hand and they wil be twisted and sliced in style by P-Balls Mahon. We are really excited with this gig. We get to do our thing for a big crowd and with loads of deadly bands like RSAG and Codes. We were at the Galway Peak gig where Paul was doing visuals for RSAG and that was like a rocking mini festival in a deadly setting. Ill put up some buzz after the show sometime next week.

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