Thursday, November 05, 2009


Damn good craic last night at the For The Love Of Live show at the Film Base in Temple Bar in Dublin. Shane & Ivor as always put together a great set up and made amazing space for everyone to work away in their own little worlds. The free booze was quiet nice and thank you lads for dropping some down to meself n Paul as we worked away into the night. Paul & myself working as Geppetto COlab were given he big stage area down in the basement of the film base which was all thanks to Shane & Ivor. We got a great response and everyone seemed to be loving the mix of the live drawing and great effects Paul was using. I was really into the drawing when we started and time flew by. I had no idea what I was drawing from the start it all just came out free hand and Paul complimented it awesomely with some old school clips of 80s cartoons spliced together. I was told as I wasn't watching the screen that much that Paul was on fire with his transitions and mixes. I did A0 piece of a young He-Man on a swing over a lake with wee things a happenin around him. I used markers, pencils n paint really quick and its one of the fastest pieces I have ever thrown together with colour. The whole night was really good and the music was rocking kept us buzzing downstairs.My brother was there making a short film with his film course crew who were all lovely. They were very pro. We met a deadly graf artist named Leo, well sound indeed and Mr Steve Mac was upstairs doing deadly paintings on old headboards. Ill be teamed up with Steve this Friday along side Danleo in the Bernard Shaw in Dublin for the Secret Wars VS OFFSET show which is gonna be fuckin DEADLYYYYYY!!

So sound again to all who came to the show last night and to the lads for putting on a great show all out of their own pockets n all. Looking forward to the next big bash!!!

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