Monday, November 30, 2009

REMEMBER ME IN 1983 the Sequel !!!!

Yep you heard right my Remember Me in 1983 show is happening again only this time its bigger better n in The Monster Truck Gallery at the bottom of Francis Street in Dublin. Im delighted to get the show to Dublin as that was my inital plan when planning the show last year but alas life took charge and I moved back home where I held the first show which turned out to be a huge success with Today Fm coverage and a huge amount of visitors.

The new 83 show will have its opening night in Monster Truck this coming Friday the 4the of December. It opens at 7 until 9 and there will be a free 83 personalised lucky bag for the first 50 in. There is a flippin CD in it. Yeah NOICE!!! There will be work from the old 83 show and a few new additions which I cant wait to get on the wall. Johnny 5 Staying Alive, Count Duckula, a new Turtles piece and there will also be an appearance by Top Cats right hand cat Choo Choo my favourite of the Top Cat crew. He was like the Basquiat of the group.
The show will be running till Sunday but will be closing up lunch time on sunday so try get to the opening night if you can as you know its where all your potential Christmas presents are???

Another sweet buzz on the night is Geppetto COlab will be doing there live show on the back wall of the gallery to some sweet as tunes. We will be making live visuals on postcards and handing them out as we go. Also you can play some old SEGA games while ya suck on a drum stick lolly.

Click here for more details on the Monster Truck site.

There will be some pints and a good old buzz happing somewhere after so join us for what will be the best hangover of your life.

Hope to see you there.


Be there.

Go on.


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