Monday, November 09, 2009


Well well well whats all this I hear about Secret Wars!!!Friday saw the best in artistic fighting you did ever see. I was one of the fine members of the Secret Wars Dublin Team and we were up against the OFFSET team which is like the ALLSTAR COBRA ALPHA team or some shit. Its been the OFFSEt Week so we had to take them on and that indeed we did and we WON!!! UNREAL! The rules are you have 90 minutes to cover your wall and your only tools are black fatty markers which are sponsered by Edding. Sound!!! Its 3 artists VS. 3 other artists and the winner is whoever has the best work. There is 3 judges. Two guest judges and a crowd vote which is measured on the scream. Well we had DanLEo on our team and Steve Macarthy and me and on the OFFSET team they had not 1 not 2 but 6 artists all running up and throwing shit in the mix. AND one of he artists was none other than Tara McPherson. The OFFSET team were throwing digs at us and stealling bits from us taking the piss which was damn funny. Skulls, Little Ghosts n Apple Cores they took the piss right outta us but in the end we kicked the shit outta them and won all 3 votes. Beating a team with Serge, Tara n Brian on it....that was one of the best buzzes I have felt in Years and why Brian Coldrick was on the Away team I dunno he should have joined us...maybe we will convince him to join the underdogs and be one with the Dark Side.

So now that we won which Im still smiling about non stop, it means its the start of something very special indeed. Its the start of forming a Dublin team which will represent Dublin in Europe and take on all the Big Heads in the Graffiti world around Europe, Canada n NYC. So we will go travel and take on all the big names and fight to come out on top. We will have a team of 6 - 8 artists 2 of which will be subs incase someone cant travel at sometime. So we are still looking for the best hidden talent so if you are it or know anyone send a mail with some of your work onto me at

Ill be putting up more about this soon. Also Paul filmed the night and is making a sweet video of it so ill throw that up once he gets it sorted!!!

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