Thursday, November 05, 2009


This Friday coming will see a once off special live street art battle take place in the back of the Bernard Shaw in Dubland. SECRET WARS VS. OFFSET. Im only mental to be part of the team who are taken on the Boys from the OFFSET crew. These lads are God Damn Genius when it comes to big ass composition and style but we have some tricks up our manky sleves. Ill be lucky to be on the team with Danleo who has made one hell of a good name for himself as a world champion Jenga Master and also does some street art n design on the side mostly on Sundays after Mass. Also joining the Dublin Secret Wars team is Mr Steve Macarthy who I only met but a few times but enough to know Id like to be on some sort of team with him and I didnt want it to be a football or S.W.A.T team so we decided it be a drawing team. Its gonna be a really crazy show. Dan, Steve & myself have never colaborated with each other before and we only met for the first time this were guessing the art Gods put us together to create something outstanding. The story on the night is - There are two teams of 3. Each team has a big long ass board all primed white and ready to be drawn on. The artists are only allowed used black markers and have to compose their piece within 90 minutes. Once the 90 minutes is up each team stops and are judged in front of the crowd. There are 3 judges being two from Secret Wars n the last is the crowd vote based on the loudest scream so get doen and scream for us.

Its on Friday night at 7pm in the Bernard Shaw Pub and there will be plenty of tunes n booze on the go. Get in early as the space fills out. Click here for more info!!!

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