Friday, November 13, 2009


I have ben doin alot of everything over the past few weeks!! Doin alot of Geppetto COlab shows. We have been offered to do a few cool shows around the Christmas I think were doing one in the Set Theatre in Kilkenny the Day after Christymas and we might be doing something in the Twisted Pepper in Dublin for New Years Eve which would be huge. I dunno all the details yet so shut up anyways phssssssss!!!! I have been busy planning and working away with Dan and Andy on Secret Wars which is gonna be a huge. Big plans there. Myself and Dan made a nice big paintin on the big wall outside the Berned Shaw pub in Dublin over the last two evenings. Was damn good craic and we dodged the shit weather pretty damn well too. We will be hitting that wall with more bigger and better stuff over the next few months Id say and have plans for many a creative thing. There will be a big Secret Wars battle on in the the Twisted Pepper on the 3rd of December so if your an artist of any type and can spray or draw big come down and show off your skills on nice fresh boards. Its a freestyle free for all so the Secret Wars heads can see if there are artists out there to make up the Dublin Secret Wars team to travel Europe and take on all the big capital teams. So get down there and have some fun drawing whatever ya like to some good tunes.

My big thing now is getting The Little Ghost Gallery filled and open for the group show on the 11th of December. Its gonna be a space where alot of show will go on from live art shows to alot of big exhibitions and there will be some damn fine parties there Im sure with some special guests!!! BUT NOW RIGHT NOW Im looking for any artists interested in submiting work for the show. The theme is 'TOYS OF CHRISTMAS PAST'. So if your any type of artist send in your thing. Gotta mail me your entry by the end of the month for selection. If you send me a message I can mail you on the official brief with the guidelines. The opening will be great ill put up more about it over the weekend. I think i just needed to get all that off my chest now as a way of not freaking out about trying to get everything done. PHEWWWWWW!!!! So yeah mail me and get involved in all this shite. Ughhhhh this blog is annoying. I should stop typing.........NO NEVER WHAHAHAHAHA!!!! But seriously......................

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