Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The best friends any little ghost could have!!!

Look at these pictures and tell me how could they not make you the happiest person in the world. My awesome friends Joe and Eleanor stayed up late all night baking the best Little Ghost Cookies for the opening. You cant get much more love than this. I was so stressed the opening night and then Eleanor and Joe arrived with these and If i wasnt so stressed I woulda never stopped hugging them. To think they took time out from their lives to buy ingredients and bake these bad boys. UNREAL!!! Thats pure festive spirit and from two beautiful legends. Thansk guys!! Look at joes Little Ghost logo cookies on a card...I mean...WTF!!!! too cool!!!
Also I cant forget Edwina who also came up to the opening looking lovely OF COURSE and with Smartie Rice Krispie Buns. They were devoured. I only got one which i wasnt happy about as everyone went for them like zombies to brains. I have to find a photo of them to put up but thanks Ed you are the best, like a young Mary B.

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Joe said...

Edwins Rcie Krispie buns were class, think I had 3 sorry mick.