Sunday, February 07, 2010

Little Red and the Yeti

Best Saturday EVER! I spent the day with Anne just drinking tea, eating cake and making lots of art. It was so nice to not be working a commission or rushing something for someone somewhere, it was one of my favourite days so far this year and all around my kitchen table.

We watched Beautiful Losers which I just cant get enough of and has now become Annes inspirational workout DVD. We had good music on and a quiet house. The day was all the more lovely as we dedicated it to making our friend Red a birthday pressie. I really dig the feeling when making art directly for someone. A piece that is all them. I love the place I drift off to when Im working on a piece. I even hate using the term working as It so far removed from work its not work at all its more enjoyable than sleep. When Im busy with so much have-to-do art work I forget how freeing it is to make art in a relaxing natural way. Without heavy pressure or hurried thought. Its just really satisfying and healing in a way. Every problem or worry is solved in this time and space without any grief. Its awesome. So yesterday having this with Anne was sweet as and its nice to foresee a day you'll always remember no matter how simple it is, thats whats makes it I guess.

So taking a day out from all the other work I do to make Red her Burtday present was tip top.  From the start to the finish the piece is built around the person your making it for. I made Red a little Box Illustration which I havent done in months as there is a long process in making them. With everything else I do its difficult to dedicate my time to making them which Is shitty because I love making them. Out of all the artwork I do I find them the most satifying and complete. So making one for Red was a damn fine.

Originally I was going to make Red as little red riding hood hiding from the wolf in the forest but I wasnt feeling it. Red works as a Cardiac technition which is a pretty awesome job. Red is a heart fixer! She keeps an eye on peoples hearts when they are been fixed. Awesome! Im always art art art art art all day long and i never really stopped and thought how cool Reds job is. Even when we were in college I just let it go over my head. So I said this shit gotta be made in a little box!! Art style!! Woooo!!! Yeah!! High 5!!!
Red always looks after cool elderly folk so i though well ya cant get much older than a Yeti. They suffer bad from heart disease too. 

With her medic bag and heart moniter she is checking out her old Yeti mate! Feckin fighter is that lad.

Im hoping to make more and more pieces like this as Its really what I love making alot more than other stuff.  There is an exhibition planned that will have all my pieces like this which Im really looking forward to. The last few boxes Ive made got great responses so Im excited about all the new pieces on the way.


Eleanor Reilly said...

Love this work Mick! Excellent! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mick! What a lovely thing to do for someone..... Such a unique present that not many people could give to another.... I am so jealous of RED!.... well done...Mary Walsh

John Morton said...

This is my favourite of your blogs ever. Top stuff Mick, and inspirational to boot. It's good to be reminded that when your hobby is your job you're already in a win win situation.

Mick Minogue said...

Thanks for all the kind support! Ive hit a massive brick wall in my art practice at the worst possible time so the support is always like a hot cuppa tea by the fire on a shitty pissy night!