Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paddys Day is Ok!!!

Here we have a commissioned piece Dan & myself did for outside the chared remains of Supermacs in Kilkenny. It doesnt look much here in this tiny picture but in real life its about 8 ft tall and pretty damn wide too. Dan (DANLEO) and myself have been colaborating and working together on a lot of things the past while. We work really well and have the same thoughts on composition and colour. Im a way better dresser and obviously have way more style than Dan, pretty much a better dancer and hat wearer too.  
Anyways we were asked to make outside Supermacs look better than it does for the PArade passing through today. Also now all the little Town Hall hangabouts will think there is a big widescreen tele outside thats playing some stupid cartoon and in their frustration draw dicks all over it. There is another piece beside ours made by two Kilkenny artists, Aton and Steve. Our pieces are really different but contrast really well.
We wanted to take a subtle swing at Saint Paddy in all his glory. We didnt add in any snakes as we cant support that terrible urban legend that a missionary banished all the snakes from ireland..... yet again another church cover up for harming children if you ask me. We focused more on true real life Irish stories like the Children of Lir. Have you ever looked a swan in the eye....seriously pissed off. Thats cause they are all children trapped in the bodies of swans. The church have been doing it for generations. If a child went to the police to say a priest or saintly person had abused them they would be turned into swans. FACT!
But our piece is more about if Saint Paddytrick had mad magical skills and used all his old folklore buddies to take down the evil church of today. Salmon of knowledge to the face with a bit a Cu Chulainn slap to the jaw bone.
Well have a look see next time you are hanging out in the town hall smoking cigarette stubs off the ground. We hope to put up more around the city but we need folk to ask us to do it or we get arrested.

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