Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pen Pal Pairs? I don't get it?

First things first, I think we should clear up any confusion for people about the title of the show. No it was not a misprint we refused to admit to and no we are not dyslexic and yes we understand the difference between pairs and pears. We simply wanted to have a play on words for the show. We could have called the show 'Pen Pal Pairs', which was the obvious first choice but we thought that was just too obvious and dull. We are aware that it is impossible for pears to have pen pals as they have no hands therefore not able to write a letter. We did not mean to offend any pears by this and we assure you that we at the Little Ghost Gallery support the pear community whole heartily. 
The ridiculous name of the upcoming group show has in way become an infectious little annoyance to people. We at the gallery love this. The reason for this is so you don't forget it and either apply with work and join in the fun and frolics or come and support the artists who do take part. Either way the Pears are coming to get ya. 

Now to make another little confusion clear the show has nothing to do with pears at all. So please don't think that the work on the walls will be selections of pears and nice watercolours of fruit baskets and still lives because the day that happens at the Little Ghost is the day we douse the place in gasoline and strike a match to it. Don't get me wrong or anything I don't mind a good still life I just think they are STD's of art galleries. 
So to sum it all up the word 'pears' in the title is a play on the word Pairs as in two of something and the show itself is not going to be about the fruit that is the pear. Its exactly like apple computers...they may have an apple on the front but they taste absolutely nothing like real apples. 

We are looking for all artists out there to apply to be apart of what will be a big show in June. The show is all about creating a piece of work with someone you have never met, using the Post. The first time you met your creative partner is on the opening night of the show and here friendships will blossom and hopefully creative partnerships will be created. If you are a visual artist, a writer, a musician, an actor, a poet, a photographer or even a baker get involved and just send us some examples of your most recent work to littleghostgallery@gmail.com 


Spread the Word and be apart of something special! 

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l.i.l.y said...

Aw, there goes the idea for a pair of pear still-lifes ;)!