Friday, September 03, 2010

What the TRUCK?

So after a few long months of being all over the shop and not having much time to take on any of my own art work I can now officially clock in and say I'm working my 3rd day full time in the studio. WOO to mothafuckin WOO YEAH!!! For the past 4 or 5 months I have gotten up and went to the studio hoping to dedicate all my time to an idea I may have had the night before or something I jotted down with the crumbs of a digestive bicky. But every time I have been kidnapped along the way by something else. Spontaneity became a masked intruder mugging me before I got anywhere and taking all my favourite ideas and raping them before my very eyes. 
So I have become more of a NO! man instead of a YES! man and what happened? I hit a quiet patch. No little jobs to do, no commissions, no Secret Wars, no walking Paul, no fort building, no shaving Kev's chest for Spence T-shirts, nothing! So I snuck up behind this quiet period like Steven Segal and swiftly grabbed it by the mouth to muffle it's scream. I dragged it into the darkness where I silently disappeared blowing a shhhhhhhh at it as I went, like Batman I was gone, into the night, back to my own creativity, back to the studio...where I met Paul sitting in a fort I built in the corner waiting for his walk and my inbox was overloading with Secret Wars stuff and someone was ringing me about drawing a picture of a horse and Kev text about how his chest was blinding him with the glare of the sun and and and and .......Fuck!

If Bruce Willis was an artist what would he do??? Shoot at everything whist running barefoot across a floor covered in broken glass?  Well that's far too arty farty for me so I don't think so but thanks for the suggestion Ma! 
I think this is the perfect opportunity to work on the pieces for my next big smelly up its own hole Han Solo show. The show will have nothing what so ever have to do with Han Solo, as much as I would like that but I will tell you this, It will be awesome and big and huge and smelly and be about something way more heroic than Han Solo!! Also when I say it will be smelly don't be expecting some sort of perfume type thing cause by smelly I mean shit! 

From now until then I will be spending my days doing the following - 

  • Poorly
  • Broke
  • Penniless
  • Skint
  • Endlessly Romantic
  • hunger
  • Cycling
  • Painting
  • Cutting
  • Building
  • Drawing
  • Making
  • Reading
  • Dancing
  • Seeking the company of others
  • looking for something more in this relationship
  • expressing my sympathy's
  • printing
  • writing
  • hurting
  • growing things 
  • pining
  • wine
  • high 5ing
  • developing a new handshake 
  • continuing my online emailing affair with Ciaran Walsh
  • giving up on bullet points 
I am hoping to aim for December or January for this big show I have planned. It will be in a large gallery type space. I hope to make it as unexhibitiony as possible so everyone enjoys it as much as a house party! 

Keep posted and ill be telling you more soon! 



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