Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Each week from this very day I will be posting a new section on this here blog called 'Cabinet Classics'. I have a little cabinet in my house filled with childhood toys of yesteryear. I have a healthy obsession with the memories of my childhood and all of my old toys have now become relics of this time. When I come across an old toy I once had It's like an archeologist finding a dinosaur he once rode around on as a child in his back Jurassic Park.
Anyways I will post up a classic toy from the 80s or 90s that should hit you with a flash back so powerful you overdose on nostalgia and collapse! 
For the first Cabinet Classics I decided to put up one of my old favourite's - Defenders of the Earth. Click HERE for some visual stimuli. 
Flash Gordon and his nemesis Ming the Merciless are the two I have taken out of the cabinet this week and they are all I have from the good old days.  
To get the senses going here is a little description to almost make it feel like your holding them.
Rubber heads that were almost squishy, they had metal arms and body and plastic legs and they had a little black thingy on their back that made them chop & punch rapidly almost in some sort of disco frenzy.
I had the Phantom who was my favourite and hope some day to be reunited with my spandex wearing hero!!! There was also this bad ass white helicopter I had that had a handle on the back that controlled these big claws on the front and Ming had this big purple reptile thingy that didn't really do anything that made playing with them much fun. 

So yes I am a geek and yes I still love toys and yes I will delve into my cabinet and put up a new toy each week so stop on by or put a reminder in your phone because this is far more important EVERYTHING!!!! 

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