Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So I might have missed last weeks Cabinet Classic, I might have? Who knows? I bet I didn't! I bet that you just think I did but really I didn't and going back on my posts to see if I did would just be a waste of your valuable time, I'm saying this as I'm waving my hand at the screen in a convincingly Obi Wan Kenobi type manner. 
Well that's the last of my bad organisation and from now on I won't miss a week unless I am struck down by some man flu or a case of the 'watchamovieeverydayofweekonthecouch syndrome'.

Where do I even begin with this weeks Cabinet Classic? This week I give you The Kelloggs Rice Krispies Pop Up Watch. I don't know if anyone remembers this like I do. There is no year anywhere on the watch but I think I could have been 5 or 6 years old. It was at the time when Snap, Crackle and Pop were Super Hero's on the front of the packaging and they had adverts like THIS.  I remember clearly when I was little reading the back of the cereal box all about how you could get this amazing Snap, Crackle and Pop pop-up watch. I mean the flippin thing popped up! How insane is that! I remember this blowing my mind and I would eat Rice Krispie's for breakfast, lunch and dinner just so I would go through enough packets to have enough tokens from the side of the packet so my Ma could send them away for me. That she did. That little tiny cardboard package came in the post about 2 weeks later after I watch for the Post Man like some obsessed guard dog every morning till it arrived. 
That watch didn't only pop up to reveal the time, which at the time I am sure I was not able to read. The watch was a whole load of things to me. It acted as a telecommunications walkie talkie to my cat. It was a lazer for getting out of tricky situations when being chased by Foot Soldiers. The sound of the click when you pushed the button to pop it was a soothing lullaby to put me asleep at night. This magic watch came in the post from the back of a packet of cereal and it blew my little imagination wide open. 
It was stolen in Freshford Primary School when I was about 5 or 6. The thief just left the blue and white stripey strap to inflict even more grief in my state oh shock and woe. 
Since that day after school when I couldn't find it in the bottom of my Turtles school bag I unknowingly embarked on a mission to find my watch again. 
Years past and other toys took it's place and well I just forgot about the watch until I was living in Paris with Jane my girlfriend at the time and I saw the strap for the watch in a vintage clothes shop. It all came back to me and hit me in the face like a bear fishing for salmon. The investigation was re-opened and the hunt began again.
First place I went looking was online. I couldn't believe it! Nothing. Google Kellogg's Rice Krispie Watch and nothing relevant comes up. It is almost like there is no record on line of this at all and I am pretty sure this is the first time it has been mentioned or seen in a long time. 
I searched Ebay, forums, site after site but came up empty handed each time. So yet again, I just let it go and become a cherished thing of the past. 

Nearly 3 years pass. I am painting live illustrations at the FTLO OFFSET show in South Studios in Dublin. I hear the warming hello of a someone I haven't seen in ages. My friend Eleanor arrives and I am greeted with a big hug and a beautiful smile. She says with the politest manner "Oh I have a little gift for you". Eleanor has somewhat of a reputation for being one of the worlds most amazing present givers and some say that under those long locks you will find little elf ears. 

I placed her gift in the cabinet I was painting and said I would open it when I wasn't so covered in paint. Before Eleanor was about to leave she insisted I open it. I did. As I peeled the paper away this little thin blue and white stripey strap peered out. That nerve shredding shiver of when you see a long lost ex girlfriend you once loved so dear for the first time after she broke your heart in as many places the as years since ye last saw each other, is the only way you can describe the feeling that went through me. It couldn't be real. Eleanor is a master craft making artist with the skills to construct the smallest most detailed 3D constructions and this had to be her work at hand. I held this in my mind until I heard that 'click' and a blank timeless grey LCD screen popped up. I held in my hand a time machine that in a crowded exhibition space took me back to the safest time of my life. 

Thank you Eleanor Reilly for adding the latest edition to the Cabinet Classics. This will be past on down the line for generations to come. Raise your glasses to the one and only Miss Eleanor Reilly. Chin Chin. 


Eleanor Reilly said...

Awwwww thanks Mick, glad you liked it! :)

Niallums said...

Ah man, that just warmed my heart on a chilly bank holiday! :)

JPS said...

I had/have this!

Memories! I thought it was brilliant at the time!

I also had a Ghostbusters watch and a Dennis the Menace one.


HP said...

I also had this watch, I absolutely loved it! Wish I knew where it was.
You say you don't know when it was you got it but in one of the pictures I'm sure you can see 1990 on the pop up bit.
Thank you!