Tuesday, October 05, 2010

European Union Exhibition!!!

 A few weeks back I was asked by the lovely Fiona Mullholland to take part in an art Exhibition for the European Commission Representation of Ireland. A few artistic fellows such as DANLEO, Will St Leger, ADW, Adrian Et Shane and John O' Reilly and myself were asked to take a few of the issues that the EU Commission would deal with and translate them in our own way. The show was very much based on Street Art, an issue I would hope now that the EU Commission supports and hopefully politicians and the like will hit out late at night and throw up some bad ass murals on walls around all the EU cities! The issues I looked at were climate change and Animal Poaching and hunting. I only have my poaching piece pictured below. I'll post up the other piece when I get a good pic of it. I'm not a scientist or anything of the sort but here is my take on climate change - How about focusing on the extinction of entire species like woodland animals, sea creatures and all the beings that help keep the Eco system working in a nice cycle and maybe then we might start fixing the old shitty climate and such rubbish! I dunno maybe I'm wrong but when ya clean up after a house party you don't just wipe down the table and wash the windows, its all about cleaning the cigarette butts from the cracks in the wooden floor that will stink later once all is clean n tidy. When we are all told one thing for so long we actually begin to believe it. Climate change is a money maker, I mean Osama Bin Laden is now involved in the clean up of our planet, he will only use recycled fertilizer now instead of petrol for his bombs and when you have a celeb such as him helping out we seem to think its the only problem we have on earth. Who would have thought the day when terrorism and climate change would join forces? News media just got easier. 
Anyway I am no green activist in anyway but I just find it all really annoying. Hopefully Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will step up and tell his people that they need to send a nuclear missile over to Japan so they will stop slaughtering whales! Aw instead of holy wars we will have animal wars! I'm writing the script for that film right now. Pearl Habour 2 - The Fish Fight Back.

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Niallums said...

Awesome work man!

Myself and a few lads in class were fawning over this yesterday. Much jawdropping and excited chuckles were had... Must call over and say hello when I'm down in Kilkenny again - I gotta see the studio/dream factory where you make all these amazing things :)