Tuesday, October 05, 2010

I'm sorry internet!

I dunno what happened? I might have said a few things I might regret and I know that it said things that it definitely regrets but yes everything you have been hearing is true. The internet and me went on a break. It was coming for a long time and reflecting on it now a lot of it was my fault. I neglected the Blog it gave me, I used it only for it's Facebook friend and I was really bad to it when I would stop by my email and not even ask for it. 
But we had a long chat this morning over a hot cuppa cha and we decided that we can be friends without all the drama. 
In saying that we did loose a good friend along the way because of our childish bickering, My website, the site that my good friend Paddy put his time into has been redirected to this here blog. It was for the best. I had a lot of old work up there and it was confusing friends and work colleagues who exactly I was. I didn't even know for a time but things will be alright. From now on, from this very day I will be uploading all new adventures. I will be sharing all the tales from our little studio and posting up loads of new work and things to see. 
I have a lot of catching up to do so I intend on putting up old work from some amazing projects and jobs I have been doing and involved in in the past few months. 
I have cleaned up my blog house and got rid of all my dirty squatter bad habits! 
Today is a good day to make art...but right now I must dash as I have to get to my girlfriends parents house to wish her little brother well on his soon to be crazy night of the DEBS!!!!! 

Stay tuned!!!

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