Thursday, October 07, 2010

Laundry - A show where artists air out their dirty laundry!

I was delighted to take part in one of the best exhibition of illustrators, designers and photographers I have been to in a very long time. Last week saw the opening of 'Laundry' a one night only show in South Studios in the Blackpitts in Dublin. Over 70 of Ireland's loveliest illustration makers, design thinkers, and photo takers took part in a show where they were asked to air out their dirty laundry, let out all their deepest secrets or just let off some steam.
The result was a fantastically presented show which felt like a warehouse styled confession box mixed with the nosey neighbour peeking over the gardens washing line. The show itself was put together by the creative man hands of Mr Steve Doogan. The finest Scotish illustrator that has lived and worked in Ireland since William Wallace spent his summers here painting badgers. You can find the talents of Mr Doogan right HERE.
Presented by the  Illustrations guild of Ireland, South Studios and Offset the show was a huge success and the work on display was so refreshing and inspiring. The display of the work itself was put together by the architectural ninja stylings of ABGC . They made the ultra cool invisible and very long clothes lines that all the work was hung on. It was a mean feat for such a large space but I never met two men who seem to beat the shit out of the word challenge as much.
The piece I put into the show can be seen in full frontal view right HERE.  It was one of the most honest pieces of work I have made to date. A very freeing experience baring all and letting it all out for all to see. The pics attached are some close up details of the descriptions.
To see all the other amazing work from the show click this LINK.

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