Monday, November 01, 2010


The year is 1986. I am 3 years old and live in a big old house in the the back of nowhere. Ghostbusters is now 2 years old and the cartoon had become as big as the movies. I was only 3 and was more interested in Zig & Zag and Button Moon but in the following 2 years I become obsessed with everything spooky and ghost like! I remember the Ghostbusters Christmas. Everything Ghostbusters! It's was amazing! One of the strangest toys I got that year was Granny Gross. One of the many Ghostbuster spooks that you could get. She looked like the Queen of England and I always remember having a love - hate relationship with this bitch! She looked all sweet and granny like and with a quick pull of her head she become a crazed belly mouth eating demon with a cyclops eye under her bonet. I was the most annoying child at a dinner table showing my family this cute old lady when...OH NO WHAHAHAHA GOT YOU!!!! SHE IS A MONSTER AH HAHAHAHAHA!!! What an asshole I must have been! You know that shit kids do that adults have to go along with. 'Oh my what an interesting action figure of an old lady..I don't suspect any fowl play from this and I am sure my young child wants to merely show me how well constructed it is,' said the adult! 'BLAHHHHHH UGHHHH WHAAAAA AHHHHHAHAHAHHA IT'S A MONSTER GRANNY IN YO FACE IN YO FACE!!!, said the child. 
For that reason I liked this toy and you could eat the Ghostbusters and their weapons with her snap happy jaw and she was a humourous dinner guest. 
The reason I kinda hated Granny Gross was that she wasn't that gross. I had to put washing up liquid and slime in her trap jaw to make her the slightest bit more gross and another thing was her legs! They didn't move and she always fell over before I could run her down with Ecto-1. Bitch! 
I guess I didn't really get her and I think she was made to relate more to the librarian ghost in the first Ghostbusters film which you can see a clip of HERE. 
That encouraged me to play with her a bit more and then I saw the adverts on Tele when we got more channels and I was all like ' Yeah I have a Granny Gross!!!!' when I was in school! You can see all the adverts right HERE.
After I moved house a few times I lost Granny Gross to the back of some couch or radiator and she left my life for a couple of years. Last Christmas I was reunited with the fowl mouthed witch when Anne surprised me with a secret present! Flash back attack happened there and then followed by a hug fest and many a reminiscent story of yesteryear. I was amazed how the toy seemed so much like mine. Obviously  It would but It bared the same scars which I inflicted on it. The cyclops eye nearly worn away the fingers gnawed to the plastic bone. I had her back and she was soon to join the Cabinet of Classics. 

There is a really good Cabinet Classic  for next week but If anyone has any suggestions or has any cool old toys to share please leave a comment or send me a mail at 

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