Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Give us a next on that To Do List!!!

Someone once said, "Great things comes to those who wait". Have you ever wondered who said that? I have and I have made it my duty to find that person deliver a fat sucker punch upon their smug chiseled jaw line! Great things pass those who wait and not only pass them but take their eye out with a pellet gun in a sly drive by as you stand there in wait with arms wide open. So this is the year of an unmerciful fist fight of pro action and the doing of things!
I waited good and long on 2010 hoping it would deliver a speedboat into this year but that boat was blown from the water before it reached the shore and left me holding a wet sketch book and a stubborn biro, Argos pen's the smallest betrayal to ever nestle in the palm of a man with an idea. 
After a much needed trip to Iceland where the nothingness created everything I needed I have set out on giving up procrastination and writing in such riddling ways.

With a new studio under my feet and the warmth of an amazing new home I am ready to light some fires and start some riots, on paper of course, its far too cold out there to be throwing stones and shouting at Police, that can wait till summer.

I have an idea and I will tell you about it in due time, it might be shit so it is worth the wait.

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