Saturday, February 19, 2011

Basquiat Box - Annina Nosei Gallery Basement 1981

In 1981 Jean Michel Basquiat would show up to the gallery of art dealer Annina Nosei and express a sincere apology for being late. He would spend hours of the day and night below her gallery in the basement shooting the shit with canvas stretched across the floor. When a painting would go up the stairs money would tip toe down in the thousands. Just like the artist himself who came up from the street and walked into fame he would rise from this basement to become one of the most influential stars of the art world in the 1980s. 

I made this piece as a gift to my friend Katie to wish her luck with her new gallery in Donnybrook in Dublin. KT Contemporary 

Made from an old box with a some card and colouring pencils. 


Katie Tsouros said...

It's amazing, I love it! Watched the film on Basquiat last weekend and my book just arrived, I'm hooked.

Mick Minogue said...

Aw Katie you should not watch the Basquiat film, it's awful and made by Julisn Schnabel who didnt really have the greatest relationship with him. Really bad translation of his life and totally false and made up. If ya want to watch the real thing watch The Radiant Child, its a documentary made by a real friend of him, it's great and totally truthful from the words of those who he shared a bed with and stole from.