Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little Ghost Flea Market the Sequel !!!!!

The second installment of the Little Ghost Flea market will be premiered this coming weekend the 26th and 27th of February. The intimate space of the Little Ghost Gallery will house a jumble of little treasures for sale. Rummage around a great selection of vintage toys, comics and art books. There will be original art work for sale along with some unique bits and pieces for you to browse through. 
Comb through the rails of clothes for both ladies and gents. Flick through the huge selection of CD's, Vinyl &  DVDs and feel free to have a listen if your curious of the unheard. 
We are open from 11-5 both Saturday and Sunday and remember the first ones there get the best stuff as happened with the first market the week before last. 

" A beautiful way to spend your Saturday in amongst other peoples stuff "

"The Littlest Flea Market with the biggest heart",
Mick's Ma *****

"Some Buzz",
Eddie B - Man of simple pleasures **** 

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