Thursday, February 10, 2011


Thank you to all who have got in touch and shown your support with our campaign to save the Turf n Surf mural. I have taken on board all your comments and It is so incredible to see such a large community of people feeling the same and who can act instantly to voice their opinion, one to which I think branches out into so much more. I understand that this may seem so insignificant to some but thats just the way it is, but everyone gets a buzz out of a giant octopus on a big old house. Thats what makes the mural so special because of where it is. It stands out for a reason, If it was in Blackpool or even Dublin city it would just be another thing on a wall. In everyday life It affects no one, It causes no pain or discomfort and If the neighbours hated it and were sick of seeing I would happily paint over it myself but they don't they like it and kids like it and families like it and people crack a smile when they see it. 
Looking at all the comments I understand the other side of the argument. I know the laws and rules involved. The fact that there should have been permission granted, planning permission, the building itself may be listed and therefore nothing can ever be done with it. It has to stay a certain shade of a boring colour, the owners would have been fined if they went up a few tones of the original colour. It all sounds so restricting and robotic and it leaves no room for experimentation or change in an area of Ireland that is meant to encourage that.
 Imagine going to ask for permission for the painting of a giant octopus on the front of your gaff, eh I think that would be a big no straight away. Why? because it's too "weird", different and it's hard to imagine. Well thats why the owners and both Dan and I took the chance and we let the public and locals be the judge. They have been over ruled by law. I get that the laws are there for a reason but there has to be a little bit of human common sense or compassion within them, the idea of ordering a court summons before sitting down like a decent person and talking it out shows how detached we have become as people. 
We may lose and on March 1st it may be painted over as ORDERED but now that we have highlighted it I wonder how that will look. I wonder if a large crowd will gather and cheer on the painters, who knows?  I think that there should be a huge level of respect for local councils and committeemen and women from all ages and that they should work together on projects like community murals but what happens when one of those murals that is known and loved is taken away? The respect is lost. it becomes an endless circle, until someone changes the shape and does something daring and new. 

We are still trying to round up as many people to get on this with us as we need the back up to make the change. If you can leave a comment under the first post as that is acting as a type of petition so please express yourself as you need to good or bad! 

if you want to hear more on this Killian who is the owner of the hostel will be on i102-104 FM tonight at 11:20PM so listen on line HERE.

Please keep posting and putting the word out there, remember MARCH 1st is D-DAY!!!!!! or Paint day...ehhhh you know like ...nevermind. I'll get me coat. 

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