Saturday, March 19, 2011

Little Ghost Flea Market Today and Tomorrow!

What a beautiful day for a flea market and a Little Ghost gallery Flea Market at that. We have lots of new lovely things for you to browse through and pick up. A rummager's dream, call into us today. We are just up past Joes Take Away on Dean Street in Kilkenny.

This Is our 3rd Little Flea Market I think and they have been a huge success. We have had so many lovely folk pop In to us and It always seems to become a place where everyone gathers with their cups of tea and chills out for the day, so stop in and join In the banter.  We are open today at 11 so I best get  dressed and get my sale face on! We will be open until 5 this evening and then we do It all again tomorrow. So tell your friends and families If your out having a stroll about you know where to go, the Castle Park...and then call into us we are wayyyy better than the Castle Park.

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