Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A matter of time for the Mural.

Ahoy! Just a quick update on where things are going with the mural on the Turf n Surf Hostel. 
Over the past 2 weeks the mural has been subjected to critical examinations from both the human population and his brotherhood of buildings both in his area and around the world. We imagine it must be tough on the poor mural who is currently on death row.  His close friend The Leaning Tower of Pisa issued as public statement this morning in hearing the sad news; 

" Oh my poor poor Amico, Its such a huge problema for us as buildings as we find it so difficult to visit one another you know. I am sympathy for he is so sad so so sad. When I  did began to tilt a little in 1178 everyone complained about me, well no just one person and so the council In Pisa demanded I be destroyed. It was a dark place for me, but I overcome all problema, it took years to defeat my fear of highs and so so many nightmares where I fall to my death oh woe is my poor poor friend so sad so so sad." 

Reports suggest that the ensuing pressure of the March 1st deadline for execution drove the mural over the edge. It was found by a passer by holding a roller dipped in a conservative pale yellow paint  against its face. The mural has since been put on 24 hour suicide watch. 

The faith of the Turf n Surf mural is now resting In the hands of time and the Irish weather. At this point the council have not changed their direction in the plans to remove the mural even with respect to the massive amount of support It has gotten. The owners of the hostel Mary and Killian have agreed with the council that they will repaint it but only when the weather improves and suitable to do so. I am hoping the skies weren't blue in Bundoran this morning.
Some ideas have come to us about how to keep the mural and keep everyone happy. One was to cover the entire front of the hostel with all the left over Election posters. Everyone seems to like them, no complaints there, always popular with the kids and it's not like they aren't everywhere and In your face or anything. Another idea was to train a flock of pigeons to shit a peace symbol all over the front of the hostel that was quickly dropped as we are sure the council and planning authority would have to be notified by the pigeons before doing so and apply with the correct documentation. We also didn't want the pigeons to have to go to court or be fined. 
One last idea that stuck out was that we paint the hostel the colour of the road, sea and sky so it fits in perfectly with the surrounding environment. This could be painted so well that no one would be even able to tell that the building was there and It would be completely forgotten. 

Both Danleo and myself  have come to terms with the mural being painted over and we are not so concerned with our artwork being destroyed but by the manner in which it was dealt with. Small local authorities that demand respect but can't seem to be In the slightest bit open minded towards possible change. We know it's not everyones cup of tea, there are locals and surfers who think the place looks shit but to those who do when you want change in something that you have interest in maybe you will see where we are coming from. The main thing about this whole thing Is the hostel owners tried something new and different and offered it to the public and had no problems with it ever being removed but now they have been court summonsed and fined. That Is the main issue, It is not about our artwork being in anyway special or sacred It is how business people who generate interest and money for an area can be treated like crooks by the people who should be encouraging and supporting them. 

I encourage anyone who is inspired or angered by this both for or against to voice your opinion and send It in the right direction. We are all great at giving out, our problem Is we just never give out to the right people. If you have sent a letter or email to the council please continue to do so and voice your feelings. 

As a last stand I ask anyone who has sent an email to forward it to this man, Joe McHugh. I was in touch with Joe and will be back In touch with him this week. He is a newly elected Fine Gael TD in Donegal north east and he asked me to contact him so I am hoping to do so with a few hundred people behind me. 

His email address is  Joe.mchugh@oireachtas.ie 

Please get In touch with him, he is our Obi Wan Kenobi to our Princess Leia at this stage! 

Thanks to everyone for the support and to those who don't support any of this, Its always good to hear both sides, we don't take it  personally It's all part of the debate. 


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Thanks My human beard friend!

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Mary Walsh said...

As requested Mick.. My email to McHugh was forwarded by his Assistant to the following address: "Dinny McGinley"

Stating that it was in his region.

Hope this helps... No word back from Live line yet... Will keep you up to date!

Mary said...

That should have read!
"Dinny McGinley" = dinny.mcginley@oireachtas.ie