Friday, March 25, 2011

My works pops up In Switzerland.

Such a lovely morning to wake up to an email from the Bouissoux Family In Switzerland and see my work sitting on their table. 
A long time coming, Julien & Jasmin became my landlords when I lived In Paris back In 2008, yes 2008 remember that year? Seems like an eternity ago but I always think when you meet someone who you know instantly that you may know for the rest of your life they become an anchor to that time I can still see myself In our little bathroom making their wrap around mural for them. . I met them at a great time of my life and three years on still knowing them they always remind me of that time and brings a silly old smile to my face. 
When I met the lovely couple, Jasmin was pregnant and they had moved to Switzerland where they still reside. Soon after they brought Lila into the world and the Gordon-Bouissoux family was one. They asked me a year or so ago to draw them a family portrait which I said 'yeah no prob, I'll get on it right away'. A year passes and I still hadn't completed the drawing and anytime I sat down to do it I transformed into a portrait artist sitting under a tree on a pavement In Montmartre. Ugly stiff portraits, I just couldn't get It right and It killed me especially since Julien and Jasmin were so kind to send me a cash filled card to feed and motivate me. So after them enduring a long wait I eventually sat down and made time to think about them and made them an Illustration In a box that shows them as a fun loving family and not a still portrait. 
Julien sent me these pics this morning after getting the post through the door.Never meeting Lila but knowing her creative parents I imagine she has a huge imagination so here she Is shutting up her noisy imaginary friend before he gives the game away and draws too much attention on their secret paper hat tea party.

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