Monday, March 07, 2011

New Limited Edition Rubber Bandits Prints For Sale on Society6 by Me!

Here Is the very first Rubber Bandits print available on-line. I have been creating a selection box filled with Rubber Bandit artwork over the past two months and now for the first time the very first print is available to buy online. The first print off the production line is the 'Rubber Bandits & the Search for the Wild Cider Horse'. Hand drawn with pencils, water colours, tea, grey hound hair and Euro Spar apple juice this would make for good post through any door. If you would like to purchase a print you can click HERE and choose what size you would like from . It seems more expensive In dollars but its fair cheap in the Euro lad! Convert that mother*ucker! 
There are more prints on the way In the coming weeks so please spread the word and follow the blog to receive updates. 
If you know anyone who would be well loving this post it on their page and then almost instantly post it on some random persons Facebook page just to mess with their minds. Feel free to comment below with questions If you need more info. 
Limited Edition Rubber Bandits print for sale NOW on Society6.  

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