Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Work In KT Contemporary

Woohoo It's Friday! Well just about but WOOHOO to It nearly being Friday. After a hard day at the office I know I like nothing more than having a catch up with friends over a nice pint, lets say in Kielys In In Donnybrook. Sure the best thing to do with your mates after that Is head across the road to KT Contemporary  and have mingle amongst some art and fine people who like wine and art. What a better way to start off the weekend, friends, pints, wine, art and most best of all buying art. Don't you know that this weekend Is Buy Some Art In KT Contemporary Weekend. Yep! 
I will have new artwork on the walls for all to play with. One of the pieces I have In the show Is this piece pictured. Each piece is contained within a box like a square Kinder Surprise waiting for you to open and be dazzled by it's nostalgic silliness. If you are a fan of Ferris Buellers Day Off well I think you will very much want to open this and see whats Inside. These are once off's so please call in tomorrow night as I am sure It will be a great show. The show kicks off at 6 and runs till 8 so get down early. Check out the work of Neil Raitt who I met today In the gallery who Is over from London. His work Is fantastic and I hear he has a huge piece which had to be sent over on a boat, so you have to go see it. Check out Neil's work HERE. 
For more info on the show click HERE.

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