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Storyland is a competition that asks you the viewer to vote for the best webisode on their site. Each webisode is in a grouping and the one that gets the most votes gets another episode made for you to see and believe me a lot goes into making an episode, actually don't believe me I don't even know where RTE is, I think It's somewhere on top of Croagh Patrick shooting entertainment lightening bolts at our lifeless eyes like Zeus in a Jester hat. The webisode that gets the least votes Is brought up the back of the field and put down. So If you are a vegetarian and love animals you need to vote, don't go against your principals. I'm not sure what happens to the winning show but rumour has it that It becomes the next big thing and Is listed on Aertel, so when you type 172 into your remote BOOM! there you will see RENT A FRIEND sandwiched between some awesome tele shows.

There is only 3 days left for votes and it only takes a click to do, I timed it and it's quicker than most things. I voted quicker than getting a tea bag into a cup, stretching my finger to point at an apple, scratching my head to name but a few. So PLEASE vote! 

Dave Minogue (cousin, husband, brother, you choose!), Der Tobin and Dave Thompson have been friends of mine for way too many years. Their friendships lease expired years ago but neither of us have ever brought it up. We are illegal squatters of friendship! It's hard to describe this creative trio. Well I can describe Dave Minogue.He is like a free mint on your pillow In a 5 star hotel. Very complimentary and sweet but a prick when you forget him and he ends up stuck to the side of your head. 
Daves Ma told me that he wrote and directed Rent A Friend but thats just so typical of her always assuming, I put her In her place with a verbal Apocalypse Now and said " Ahhhhhh Der wrote it to you liar, you lie, your a liar, lies, get out!!!" How dare she forget Der, Der Tobin the Tobinsaur, Derinator, Tobe Time!!! Der plays Der Tobin in Rent a Friend, his performance Is mind blowing, I have never seen someone play Der Tobin so well, scary. Heath Ledger Is turning In his grave. Don't bother voting for Rent a whatever just vote for Der, the man Is a comic genius. Yeah you heard me Dave's Ma. 
Then there Is David  Thompson with a silent P. The son of a snare drum and a guitar, Dave was conceived In an old theatre  and born In a cinema seat. Since a young age Dave has been playing drums In his band the River Valley Band.  Dave is currently writing a book on acting called "Scrap what you already know, I'll take it from here". There isn't much Dave can't do and when it comes to acting it's a shame that such talent hasn't been propelled into the lime light. If you want to watch the dynamics of Dave's character performance have a look at Vultures PI. One of the most natural performances David Whiplash Thompson has done to date was this little gem from the creators of Rent A Friend. 'Keep It Easy'.  This man can wear sandals and make Jesus look like a tit. 
Find out more bout the lads HERE.

Imagine this creative trio as the Centurions. All individually awesome at different things and when brought together loads of shit attaches   to them and they kick the shit out of Doc Terror. So voting for them gets them closer to RTE where they can can take over and defeat the evil tele we have to pay to watch. Dave has made a promise that If they were ever to get on the Late Late Show he would do something to Ryan Tubirdy that would instantly get 1000000000 hits on Youtube. I'm voting for that alone! Check out the RENT A FRIEND website which is really nice and find them on FACEBOOK

Here is the quick synopsis of Rent a Friend. 

RENT A FRIEND is a comedy drama set in Kilkenny. Dave and Der are in their early 20's, out of college and out of work, forced to live at home. With few opportunities they decide to sell the only asset they have - their friendship. Unfortunately as far as friendship goes these two are offering the worst deal on the market.

So all ya gotta do Is follow these 3 steps - 
  1. Click HERE and vote for RENT A FRIEND
  2. Post the link on your FACEBOOK or BLOG.
  3. Egg a house and blame it on your girlfriend or boyfriend

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